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Giving a new purpose to things not needed anymore

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The IRS regulates the amount you can deduct from your tax return. Our goal is to keep it simple while maximizing your deduction.

About this program 


  • 300,000 vehicles donated to charities every year
  • Total value: over $750 million
  • Average costs: 85%
  • Average to beneficiary(ies): under 15%
  • Most charities use third party promoters and administrators
  • Majority of the funds are used for marketing & advertising, administration, salaries, bonuses, etc.


FEA is a non-profit organization able to by-pass the third parties normally involved, thus eliminating the need to use the majority of the funds for marketing and administration and reversing the trends. The end-result is that in average 85% of the net revenue of a vehicle donation goes to the intended beneficiary, much better that the 15% national average. FEA receives the donated vehicle, considers the desired end-result desired by the donor, determines the best course of action to meet the objectives, disposes of the vehicle (donates to needing person or entity, or sells to a third party), and distributes the proceeds as per donor's desire.

  • Average costs: under 15%
  • Average to beneficiary(ies): 85%+


There are three major elements:

  1. Acquire the vehicles: through marketing & advertising, or joint-venturing with other charities
  2. Dispose of the vehicles: donation to a qualified recipient, resale retail, to third party or through auction
  3. Distribute the proceeds: used for a specific purpose taking the donors' desire into consideration, with 85% or more going to where originally intended (the remaining 15% is use to cover expenses such as towing, repairs, selling fees, etc).


The answer to the most common questions are gathered and presented on this Q&A page.


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