Your donation is key to FEA's success in providing much needed programs.

Contributions to FEA are 100% tax deductible (1).



 Donations & Contributions

It is not easy nowadays to decide which cause to donate money, properties or any type of assets to. FEA does not claim to be the best entity to donate when one wants to support an individual, entity, or any horse-related cause; however, FEA is the only one known to use specific financial strategies to ensure all donations get the maximum results lasting for a long time - actually, endlessly in some cases. Here are some of the highlights related to your donations:

· You choose the discipline and the cause you want to support;

· You decide if all the funds are to be used for a specific purpose or for assignment by the Foundation;

· You can allocate your donation for specific use or allocate any portion to different causes, related or not to the equestrian world;

· You can request distribution of a portion of your donations to any 501(c)(3) entity (when allowed by Law);

· Large donations are managed using accelerated endowments; 

· All donations are tax deductible, as per IRS regulations. For official and up-to-date information visit 



 Types of Donation & Contribution

Pretty much any type of funds and assets may be used to support FEA's mission, including but not limited to: cash, check, online, wire transfer, endowments, properties, hard assets, discounts on products/services, transferable tax credits, any type of real estate properties, inheritance, insurance policies, precious metals, cars, trucks, golf carts, trailers, RV, farm/ranch/horse equipment, etc.

To facilitate the process, we have divided potential donations & contributions into six categories:

Cash and CryptoCurrency  

NOTE: An exciting first in the industry: horseshow managers/promoters can now get tax credits for unused stalls and services offered at their shows. Read more...


 Benefits to Donors & Contributors

Some of the possible benefits:
· Sense of well-being in supporting a good cause
· Tax deductible (depending on nature of financial support and contributor’s tax situation)
· Professional review of each case to ensure maximum benefits from each donation 
· 95% to 100% of your donation goes to beneficiaries (compared to the national average of 15%)
· Potential access to VIP & special zones at major events
· Invitation to special events
· Legacy through endowments + transferable benefits 
· Your donations may be matched by a third party
· Special benefits resulting from asset & property donations

   Who Can Donate or Contribute

· Individuals
· Riders, their parents, relatives, or friends 
· Companies & corporations
· Trust funds
· Non-profit entities
· Equestrian equipment providers
· Sport-related associations
· Equestrian events 
· Apparel, tack, food & supplements providers
· Transportation service provider
· Owners (of horses, barns, equipment, etc)
· Equine professionals: trainers, farriers, vets, mentors and others
· Service or product providers



An endowment is a very common way to support a good cause and it represents the main channel FEA is being supported. As an example, there are over 70 U.S. universities with over $1 billion in endowments, the largest being Harvard with well over $30 billion. Endowments are ideal when a donor does not only want to fund current needs, but also wishes the gift to be preserved and used long after he/she is gone, to assure a perpetual income stream that will support a specific area of interest, create a lasting legacy and make a statement about what is important to that donor.
FEA welcomes named endowments that provide a legacy, preserve a name, and stand as a permanent expression of a person’s values while generating lasting income for the cause. See the latest Press Release announcing 100% insured Endowments, a first in the industry. Email for details.



Each donation & contribution requires special handling and documentation as well as different legal & IRS considerations. To find out more and discuss the details, please contact:

 - Donations:
 - Endowments:
 - Mentors:
 - Supporters: 
 - Sponsorships:
 - General info:

Resource: IRS position is explained with all the details in Publication 526


 For more information please email us. 

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