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Foundation for Equestrian Athletes Horsemanship Riders at WEG 2014
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The idea of creating a foundation for equestrian athletes started many years ago, as a conclusion that one of the biggest obstacles riders, horses and professionals in the industry encounter is money, or the lack thereof. 


Everyone will agree that very good horsemanship is important.
But then, why is it that so many young, and even experienced riders, do not give it the priority it deserves?


While FEA supports equestrian careers at all levels, it is no secret that a rider's career can suddenly come to a halt for reasons often out of his/her control: lack of funds, location, wrong horse, injury, etc. - FEA may be able to help the lucky ones, but also the not-so-lucky ones!


What rider never dreamed of a career that does not depend on where the money will come from next? Sponsorships & financial supporters are key to most successful equestrian careers, and FEA has a system that makes every dollar generate long term benefits.

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  • The official online Horse Rescue Registry is live at with over 4,100 listings in Canada & USA. More countries to be added soon.


• FEA has officially made its clear intention clear to acquire Rawhide ranch, in Bonsall, CA. This represents an important step in the growth of our non-profit Foundation.
Visit for information on the present operations of that entity.
• WHICH PROGRAM IS RIGHT FOR YOU? FEA just posted a new tool to faciliate the process of selected the right program for users of its platform. See it now...
• FEA's latest newsletter is now available: August 2017

• FEA supported again the NCEA National Championship hosted by Baylor University in Waco, Texas.
• The Unified Asset Donation System is being created. This platform will make it possible for other non-profit, of any size, to benefit from donations of any king, including but not limited to homes, farms/ranches, commercial properties, automobiles, trailers, gold carts, motorhomes, equipment, boats, securities, insurance-related policies, etc.

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 Young vs pro jumper

The new way to

Over the years, riders, parents, trainers, and pretty much everyone involved at any level with horses have come to the realization that there are three types of riders: the ones who ride for fun, the competitive riders and those in between. And within each group, there are the ones who really care about horses and have good horsemanship, while others use horses as a "tool", a mean to get their fix (either for pleasure or to compete & win) without caring much for them. At FEA we focus on the partnership between horses and humans - proper horsemanship is not only the starting point, it is also the end-result. Individuals & entities around the world share this belief, but FEA brings it to a whole new level by adapting financial strategies that can make a huge difference for many riders and horses. View the full introduction to FEA in a PDF format, or view the Summary.

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We are building a special database where riders & equine professionals will be able to tell us what they need, and where mentors, donors, sponsors and other contributors will be able to tell us what they will make available. Then we will simply match the requests with what is made available. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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