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         The word "Horsemanship" is generally used to describe the art of riding on horseback and the art, ability, skill, or manner in which a human works with horses. However, true horsemanship is much more than that, as it includes the behavior of both the horse and the rider, the interdependence and synergy between the two, on the ground and while riding. Equestrian Athletes   “A strong horsemanship foundation is fundamental to all equestrian endeavors – it helps us understand and value the pursuit of quality in everything we do with the horse. You cannot strive for quality just in the show ring or during an afternoon ride. Quality must permeate every interaction you have with your horse, no matter what the venue. Success and winning are the result of this constant commitment to build and practice good habits – from the ground up!”(Melanie Taylor Smith, USA Olympic Gold Medalist)                  Equestrian Athletes
Modern horsemanship means different things to different people. As equestrian sports become increasingly  competitive and offer skyrocketing financial rewards, it is not rare to see riders being pushed to perform at whatever cost rather than focusing on the wellbeing of the horse(s) used to attain higher goals and dreams.  Equestrian Athletes
 FEA is committed to help restore the balance between good horsemanship and the competition world, at all levels.  Sponsoring horsemanship clinics & workshops is just the beginning. FEA's intention is to make every athlete receiving any kind of support prove their horsemanship knowledge and abilities to the be up to par for the level of involvement in the sport. 
Leadership and sensitivity through groundwork is the foundation of horse training & performance.



 FEA is all about supporting horses and riders through education in horsemanship, directed training, and sound career planning. In order to carry on its mission, FEA’s ultimate goal is to eliminate the financial needs as part of the equation in as many aspects as possible. This is a game changer, potentially closing the gap with other professional sports that do not have such an issue. 

Equestrian Athletes 


FEA's primary focus is the proper practice of  horsemanship by riders at all levels of competition. Our other priority when it comes to horses is to support locations where they can retire after competition or other activities.

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