April 2019 

We had a great first quarter!

A lot has been achieved over the past few months. There is still a lot more work to be done, but we remain focused and committed. This month's NEWS:

• Crypto2Charities.org

  • FEA is proud of its achievement in the development of the very first platform dedicated to facilitating the donations of cryptocurrency to charities around the world. Since December 2018 Crypto2Charities.org has been offering to process donations in any kind of cryptocurrency, to any non-profit entity, anywhere. No need to learn about blockchain & cryptocurrency, or to open e-wallets anywhere: the goal is for non-profit entities to accept donations and the equivalent cash amount be deposited in their bank account. Although this may appear a simple task, it is not. Being the first at achieving anything is already hard enough, but then adding the fact that there are over 2,000 cryptocurrencies in existence, in pretty much every country in the world, and being such a young environment, the task was actually monumental.
  • For details...Crypto2Charities.org

• Rawhide Ranch

  • We heard from the present owners that Rawhide Ranch will be officially offered for sale to the public within the next few weeks. If we do not acquire this property, the chances are that it will be bought by a real estate developer and that will be the end of that unbelievable site, depriving kids of a life-changing experience. We seek individuals and entities willing to help financially with this project.
  • For details... Rawhide@EquestrianAthletes.org

• Renor.org

  • FEA recently announced the development of this brand new service where any non-profit entity can now receive donations from any type of e-payments and have it exchanged into cash, in a safe environment. Donors can use ApplePay, GooglePay, Paypal, AliPay, WeChatPay, etc., without having to have accounts with those processors.
  • For details ... renor.org

• Useful links

  • Thank you very much to Robin Meade for providing the following useful links:

Feed Calculator  •  How to House Your Horse: Tips, Tricks and Legalities for Amateur Equestrians •  25 Time saving Tips Around the Barn •  Equine Health: Care of Older Horses •  Winter Care for Your Horse •  Horse Heat Stress Management  (Note: links provided for educational purpose only. FEA is not affiliated with nor officially endorses any company providing the information)

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