· Focus on horsemanship & passionate riding
· Access to special training/trainers/events
· Sponsored clinics & training
· Help on getting the best horse for the right job
· Scholarships for continued education
· Horse acquisition
· Organized national & international tours
· Potential job placements
· Work with high level horses
· Ride in sanctioned events
· Earn part of winnings (for non-owned horses)
· Career guidance
· Guidance for retirement plan (by choice or forced by accident)
· Free online training, education, etc. (webinars)
· Learn to evaluate training, clinics, shows (compulsory evaluation after each event sponsored by FEA)
· Clinic sponsorships
· Rider sponsorships
· Training sponsorships
· Equipment
· Horse purchase or lease
· Travel expenses (rider & horse)
· Show/entry fees
· Training fees paid to trainers
· Event/entry fees/travel sponsorships
· Mentoring in career management
· Mentoring in horse & athlete retirement support
· Guidance in other areas related to being a rider

· Career management (national & international)
· Mentoring for horse acquisition
· Retirement preparation
· Guidance on insurance options
· Guidance on financial strategies
· Mentoring for horse profitability, independently of performance
· Guidance  regarding asset protection

Individuals who make horses their career are key components of the continued growth of this sport. Trainers, educators, grooms, vets, suppliers, owners and others could become beneficiaries.

· Sponsorships for training riders
· Hosting sponsored clinics
· Positive exposure & potential business growth
· Payment for services
· Valuable feedback from riders and auditors to improve future clinics


· A top-rated rider in need of superior horse(s)
· Excellent rider who cannot afford the right trainer or team members
· Rider who did everything possible with the funds available but still could not meet their goals
· Parents or rider wanting the available funds to last much longer
· Professional rider questioning his/her future because it is “just not happening”
· Help a rider with strategic competition planning leading to a selection on their country’s national team
· Planning a better career path for competing and/or for business
· Supporting a rider without the financial needs to get to the next level 
· A local barn wanting to promote true horsemanship
· An established trainer in need of better horses
· A rider willing to relocate to be where the action is
· A Junior rider missing resources to go to Medal Finals
· Moving up from equitation to jumpers
· Rider attending a national or international event
· Property owner (real estate, ranch, etc) in financial difficulty or wanting to retire, or looking for alternatives


FEA is willing to consider pretty much any type of support. The best way to find out if we can help in a particular circumstance is by consulting our Submission Process.

FEA is in its final stage of setting up its formal process for riders to submit their application for financial support. Click here to see the decision-making process that is taking place. Although we are not quite set up yet to begin financial support, we certainly welcome potential recipents to let us know their interest, give us some ideas, refer us to potential professionals and/or donors, sponsors, etc.

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