Unified Vehicle Donation System 

FEA is proud to make available to all other non-profit entities and organizations (NPO, small or large,
this exclusive platform allowing an NPO to accept any vehicle, any time, anywhere,
with more revenue but without the complications and potential hardship.




Your donor fills out the Online Form that we will prepare and provide you

Your donors can enjoy the quick and simple online process we make available on your behalf.
And we even provide live support if they or you encounter any issue.


Arrange for delivery or free pick up

We will contact your donor to schedule a time for them to deliver, or we can arrange for a free pick up - their choice!
 They will receive a preliminary legal receipt from us.


Paperwork done

We do all the paperwork we can. Although some will need to be completed by you, we support you all the way to ensure complience.
The IRS regulates the amount one may deduct from their tax return.
Our goal is to keep it simple while maximizing their deductions, and the net amount you receive for each donation.


There are basically two main ways to accept vehicle donations: directly or through a third party.

  • Directly: If your charity is already set up to receive vehcile donations, congratulations!
    We understand it is not always easy and our experience shows that you might be missing out on a lot of additional cash if doing it all on your own.
    We invite you to contact us and discuss potential options. Please remember that we are a non-profit organization and we have nothing to sell you.
    We offer totally free consultation and services to entities doing good things.
  • Third party: If using a thirfd party administrator or promoter, whether for or not-for-profit, you definitely need to read our Facts about Vehicle Donations just below
    and we stronly recommend you contact us to discuss other options. 


Did you know that when someone donates a car to a non-profit entity, the national average shows that less than 15% of the value of the car is actually going to the intended beneficiary. The main reason is that most charities use third party promoters and administrators and that's where most of the revenue goes.  For example, if someone was to give your charity a $5,000 car for a specific purpose, the actual net amount of money received for that purpose is generally under $500 (based on the national average).  This is total non-sense! 

  • 300,000 vehicles donated to charities every year
  • Total value: over $750 million
  • Average costs: 85%+
  • Average net to charity: under 15%
  • Most charities use third party promoters and administrators = little left to charity
  • Vehicle donations as main fundraising source is rarely successful without the proper system in place
  • Most charities fail to take advantage of the full potential associated with vehicle donation
  • Charities rarely can accept any vehicles other than cars 


FEA is a non-profit organization able to by-pass the third parties normally involved, thus eliminating the need to use the majority of the funds for marketing and administration. The end-result is that in average 85% of the net revenue of a vehicle donation goes to the itended beneficiary, much better that the 15% national average. FEA receives the vehicle on your behalf, considers your desired end-result, determines the best course of action to meet the objectives, disposes of the vehicle, transfers the net revenue to you.


There are four major elements:

  1. You market this service to your members, followers, supporters
  2. Potential donors follow a unique link tied to your entity and fill out an online form.
  3. The simple 3-step process is initiated: 1. The vehicle is acquired; 2. The vehicle is disposed to meet your objective (donated to a qualified recipient, resold retail, resold through third party, or through auction); 3. The paperwork is completed.
  4. Proceeds are distributed: depending on your objectives, in average 85% of revenue generated by the disposal of the vehicle is sent to your entity while the remaining 15% is used to cover expenses such as towing, repairs, selling fees, etc. 


The most common questions are addressed: for NPOs and for Donors.


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For more information or if you encounter any difficulty, please contact us