The Foundation for Equestrian Athletes

June 2019 

Global Sparks keeps growing!

As we keep working on expanding all of our platforms, GlobalSparks is approaching 4,000 free classes.


  • GuideStar, the world's largest source of information on charities, has just ranked FEA in the top 0.5% of all charities in the world.
  • Thanks to our newest content provider,, we are now approaching the remarkable number of 4,000 free online classes & trainings available on our non-profit platform.
  • While originally the platform was created to offer free education to non-profit entities around the world, it has now grown to a point that it is now the largest provider of free training & educational content on the internet, for individuals, businesses and of course other non-profits.
  • We are now working with another service provider (name to be announced soon) to propel the total content to well over 6,000 online classes, trainings, webinars, etc., of which 98% are totally free.
  • For

• Rawhide Ranch

  • We are working on the acquisition of Rawhide Ranch but we really need help.
  • As mentioned in our previous newsletter, if we do not acquire this property the chances are that it will be bought by a real estate developer and that will be the end of that unbelievable site, depriving kids of a life-changing experience.
  • We seek individuals and entities willing to help financially with this project: donation, loan, bridge-financing...
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