The Foundation for Equestrian Athletes



FEA is very proud of its achievements since its inception. There is a lot more work to be done, but we are ready for it!

• Texas A&M

  • Thank you Texas A&M GeoServices for your excellent GeoMapping platform. Converting addresses to coordinates allowing the use of GoogleMaps is key to our new Renor Foundation free online database that will include most non-profit entities in the USA and several other countries. We greatly appreciate the Texas A&M GeoServices.
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• Rawhide Ranch

  • This is the year to complete the acquisition of the Rawhide Ranch in Southern California. We seek individuals and entities willing to help with this project.
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• Receive cryptocurrency donations: now same as cash

  • FEA is proud to be part of the development of this  brand new service where any non-profit entity can now receive donations of cryptocurrency and have it exchanged into cash, in a safe environment, without having to know anything about blockchain and the cryptocurrency world.
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