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The newsletter keeping FEA's friends updated on current events and on the status of the Foundation for Equestrian Athletes - August 2017 Edition

It has been a great year so far for FEA. After having received final approval from the IRS, we have been able to move forward with our work as a formal public charity under the 501(c)(3) status. We would like to thank the Foundation Group for representing FEA during this long process.

Although we already identified certain programs a while back (see the programs listed below), it is only now that our status allows individuals and entities to financially support FEA and its programs in a tax-deductible environment. FEA is a very unique Foundation as it responds to needs we uncover in our daily interaction with people in the industry, and with our goal to distribute to programs and beneficiaries, 100% of the donations we receive.

Here are some of our achievements since the last newsletter:

Our special patform is now the largest independent online registry of equine-assisted therapy entities.
Over 1,200 entities from all over the world are already listed and 600 more listings are to be added soon. The owners/Managers of all the existing listings have been contacted and asked to claim their free listing. Once they claim their listings, they can make corrections at will, on their own, 24-hours a day. Although easy to use and simplistic in appearance, the platform is actually very complex and uses the latest technology allowing for flexibility and expansion as needed.

The whole project was made possible by our main funder, Equestrian Spirit, with the belief that the service should be available to the entities, and to the general public, totally free of charge. Most entities are not-for-profit, but they have the same access and the same benefits as anyone else. With ETR the entities are able to provide the right information to the public, but they can also let eveyone know about their upcoming events, and even make special offers.

For more information:

FEA has launched Shop, Save and Support Program.
Using a powerful online platform made available to us, visitors can now contribute to FEA while shopping the way they are used to, and saving money in the process.
The process is simple: visitors use a special on and select any of the thousands of participating stores. When they buy something, not only do they get a discount but the store makes a small donation to FEA.
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Statistics show that in the USA alone, over 300,000 vehicles are donated to charities every year, for a value of over US$750 million dollars. However, the same stats show that only a fraction of that money is actually going to where it was intented. Unfortunately the majority of the funds go to marketing & advertising, adminsitration, bonuses, etc.

Donating a vehicle to the right charity may not be as obvious as it seems, even if the charity is well known. FEA is here to change that.

For more info: and select Vehicle donation under Contribute in the top nav bar.

Again this year FEA attended and supported the NCAA Equestrian Championships held in Waco, TX in April. It was a very successful event and left us with a strong desire to continue our support.
We recognize the importance  of helping to close the gap between the riders' junior and their professional years within the industry.

It is FEA's intention to increase its sponsorship of events and programs in the future. Below is a list of our programs as described online at

To know more about myFEA, the Foundation for Equestrian Athletes and the programs, please visit or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Our best wishes to all the riders participating in horse-related competitions this summer!


   EquiTraining EQUI-TRAINING
   Needs and Offers NEEDS & OFFERS
Focus on talented riders without all the necessary financial means to show at the next level through a simple sponsorship program.

Support interaction between Owner, Trainer and Rider, and the financial factors involved.

Matching what is needed by a rider and her/his team, with what is made available through the FEA network.

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Facilitating the process of talented riders being mentored by some of the top international riders to better prepare the country's future elite representatives. Free access to professional advisors specialized in financial planning, insurance, and retirement for individuals and entities in the equestrian community. Protecting existing assets in the long term, maintaining its desired purpose, eliminating financial pressure, ensuring a legacy, and much more.
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          SPECIAL PROGRAMS           





Charitable Real Estate Giving

Bridging the gap between juniors and professionals in the industry. Registry of over 850 entities working with horses to help improve the lives of people with special needs. One of the best-kept secrets in the equestrian community!
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